Atman Project
Marc Liebeskind
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Atman Project rise up following the meeting of the sit-guitar player’s Marc Liebeskind and the bansuri’s player Guillaume Barraud in Paris in October 2009.

This musicians both dedicated the last ten years working on Indian classical music and their respective musicality converge on many aspects. It is, then by mutual friendship and conviction they unificate their talent with the tabla and multi-percussionnist’s virtuoso Prabhu Edouard.

Atman Project realise a perfect symbiosis between India and the West, composition and improvisation, modernity and ethnical. This music melt express itself with a multitude of facets (point of vue): tone’s richness and tone’s fusion, creation of a new instrument called sit-guitar (an accoustic guitar close to a sitar) and improvisation speech melting singsong and deepness of Hindoustany music with jazz esthetic. This trio struggle (dig ) with innovation and make then a true genre revolution. Thru Marc Liebeskind’s compositions, it promotes the Atman, the vital blow, and originator of a magic & universal music.

Walking in Benares other side Ganga river,
Music by Marc Liebeskind “Atman Project”
with Guillaume Barraud bansuri flute,
Prabhu Eduard tabla,
Marc Liebeskind sit guitar & composition.
Image by Marc Liebeskind,
Editing Cris Bucek.