Sit Guitar
Marc Liebeskind
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This album is completely dedicated to a new combination of raga guitar with a certain jazzy way (track 3) plus other elements within reach of new influences, although most tracks are played in a rather Indian classical way, (track 7 rather repetitive even) with some side-effects. Also, it is played with a completely unique guitar type, the 16-string ‘sit-guitar’, with several resonance strings attached and other adjustments which took 5 years to complete before the result was perfect for its use. Now the guitar sounds like a suitable alternative to the sitar with a body of guitar, and guitar strings, which makes it suitable to play subtle different guitar styles into the Indian way of playing. The music is performed with additional tabla, and some occasional other instruments like violin, ngoni bass, and bendir & riqq and bougarabou (rhythm instruments). Last track is a real fusing track with the full band (Indian violin/ guitar/ tabla).