Mangala Tiwari
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The late Mangala Tiwari, was an artist of the highest calibre from one of the oldest houses of classical Indian music, namely the ‘House of Benares’. An exemplary exponent of the ‘Khayal’ style of singing, the predominant style of the Hindustani or North Indian Classical tradition, displays effortless mastery over the improvisational aspects of the style.

Marc Liebeskind the sound engineer and producer of the album, delivers a fresh approach to a centuries old style. He experiments with the relative hierarchy amongst the various aspects of the ensemble and places the vocals at the same level as the stringed accompanist, i.e., the Sarangi, played by Maestro ……This elevation of the Sarangi from a much subdued background sound to an equal collaborator adds immensely to the quality of the experience, unlike anything even a seasoned listener would have had chance to come across.

The result is tapestry that enhances tradition, accentuates co-creation and soothes just as the Ganga in Benares.


Beerav represents a robust early morning sound. Reminiscent of the rising sun, coming up from behind a 1000 temple towers along the Ganges in Benares, the oldest continuously inhabited city on earth. Mangala brings to life this tapestry of full bodied notes, intricate embellishments and rhythmic patterns. An ideal early morning companion – whether for that predawn run, yoga session or early morning email catch-up.


Mirabai is a devotional ode to the God Krishna, in the Sringara rasa or the colour of conjugal love. The devotee and composer of this composition – Baahuta dina Beeti – Mirabai, a 16th century poet saint, speaks of her heartbreak in being separated from the Lord of heart Krishna for a long time. This longing and deep sense of separation is the essence of this poignant track. Close your eyes and let Mangala’s beautiful voice transport you to the banks of the river Yamuna where this event is playing itself out and the pain of the lover… as Mira anticipates the return of her beloved.